Chad Stamm

My debut novel, The Mayor of Bleecker Street, is coming soon.


Move into a third-floor walk-up in the heart of Greenwich Village with Chase and Grace, a budding couple just beginning their journey. Get to know the neighbors, an endangered species of natives threatened by what Manhattan is becoming in the early days of a new millennium. And then meet Bobby, an old boxer living across the hall who tries to help Chase overcome the memory of his father, guide him on his aspirations to be a novelist, and save his relationship by avoiding the same mistakes Bobby made himself when he was a young hot shot growing up in The Village.

The Mayor of Bleecker Street is the next New York City story to remind us that we are not bound to our past, that love leads to progress, and that creation is a labor of that love.


Chad Stamm

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Who you are is a product of what you’ve done plus where you’ve been divided by how long you’ve been there. Time is the greatest variable, so do what you want and go wherever you can, while you can.

My work has appeared in various literary magazines and publications including the Mangrove Review, Departure GNV, the Howl! Festival of East Village Arts, and numerous newspaper credits.

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