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Client Testimonials

Chad is an exceptionally talented writer. Very creative, conceptually strong, he spins magic from the English language. With a background in fiction writing and journalism as well as advertising, his writing is unusually versatile. Along with his impressive creative abilities, Chad is a good team player and is well liked by his colleagues. You will be very glad to have him on your creative team.

– Communications Director

He was widely respected here and quickly became the person we relied most heavily on. Even under time sensitive deadlines, I never experienced Chad angry or frustrated. He simply soldiered on in good humor. I was always impressed by this.

– Director

Chad is a tremendous writer and professional. He elevates our business by transforming briefs and outlines into elegant stories that speak directly to our target market. He is meticulous and always delivers on time – even when deadlines seem unrealistic. Chad far exceeds my expectations every time I work with him.

– Senior Account Manager

Chad contributes to my businesses on many levels. He has an overall knowledge of strategic and tactical marketing that most copywriters don’t have, and most important, he understands how to accurately and effectively communicate with our target audiences. Much more than just a persuasive writer, he provides a working knowledge of how businesses work and how that translates to profits.

– Chairman

Chad is a pure professional that has creativeness and the wits to succeed at any project we hand to him. Our company would be lost without him. It’s a relief to know that when he takes on a project that it will be done in a timely manner and he always far exceeds our expectations.

– Vice President

Chad has always shown the highest professional attitude in all his work efforts. He is energetic, highly motivated and a team player. He is also creative and detail oriented.

– Director of Content Operations

I have always been impressed by his maturity, enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done. He is organized, thorough and takes a proactive approach to his work. There is no other employee I would trust more with confidential information, critical tasks and putting the company first before all other issues.

– Vice President of Sales & Operations

As attorneys, we must put forth a consistent message on the scope and quality of our legal services without crossing the boundaries set by the Bar’s ethical rules. Chad has been an excellent resource for adding that extra creative element that we as attorneys lack in preparing and developing marketing materials. Most recently, Chad has been invaluable in preparing such materials as part of a rebranding effort with a new firm name and logo. We will certainly be using Chad again in the future.

– Associate Counsel

He finished the project on-time and just blew my expectations away. I would recommend Chad for any business, technical, marketing, or even general writing, without hesitation.

– Owner & Founder

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