• Words will always have the power to influence us, no matter where we’re from or what we do. You just have to be diligent and find the right combination.

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Who I Am.

Strong writing should achieve your objectives. It shouldn’t be gimmicky and detract from your intended goal because that’s a waste of your money and my time. My methods are sharp-minded and results-driven so you can see a return on the marketing dollars you invest. I believe in content strategies that are measurable.

To each project, I bring a rare combination of agency experience, a strategic and tactical marketing background, a diverse perspective in a variety of industries, and an editorial familiarity that is unique in a copywriter and content marketing specialist.

I use this knowledge to achieve results for my clients by implementing the most effective approaches and techniques based on a given situation. That begins with recognizing the needs of a target audience, devising a plan to influence that audience, and then executing the plan.

My resume is available for your review. Please feel free to take a look, and get back to me with any questions.

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When possible, I offer services at reduced fees for charitable organizations that cannot afford content services.