What It’s Like to Work with Me


Make sure you hire the right writer.  Look for someone who has the qualities you deem important, whether it’s industry experience, writing style, or familiarity with the collateral format you are looking to create.

It’s just as important to find someone with a personality and work ethic that fits with your style, too.  Once you’ve checked the references and portfolio of a potential copywriter, the final part of the equation is to ask yourself, “Personality-wise, will this person mesh well in our office, and will he or she fit with what we are trying to do?”

So, here is that final part of the equation as it relates to me.  Whether you’re looking for a copywriter or someone to develop content and inbound marketing strategies, this is what you can expect when you work with me:

1) A good fit is just as important to me.  Your money and my time are both important commodities, so if I know I’m not right for the job, I’ll tell you and respectfully decline.

2) I am very organized.  If you’re looking for someone with a helter-skelter, freeform approach, I’m probably not your guy.  While I do confront every project with creativity, energy, and enthusiasm, it’s always a controlled chaos that fits within the framework of my methodology.

3) I’m accessible.  If I don’t answer immediately, I’m quick to respond to both phone calls and emails, whichever you prefer.

4) I’m a team player.  When you grow up with a high school basketball coach as a father, it doesn’t take long to learn the power of teamwork.  Just like on the hardwood, everyone in the office has a role, too.  If people check their egos at the door and do what they’re supposed to do as individuals, then everyone wins as a team.  That’s what you can expect from me.

5) I look at the big picture.  Because I’ve worked on many client-side projects and have directed entire marketing departments, I have a strategic and tactical marketing background that is unique for a copywriter.  I will look at your marketing efforts as a whole, help develop an overall strategy and supporting tactics, and offer any suggestions that might help achieve results.

6) Copywriting and inbound marketing are not side jobs to pay the bills.  Though I do consider myself to be “an artist” and write fiction and an occasional editorial, my profession is writing advertising and marketing copy because I understand how it can advance the goals of business.  I often use techniques learned writing fiction and journalism, but I write copy because I enjoy it, because I have marketing experience, and because I’m good at it.

If these are characteristics you’re looking for in a person to help develop your marketing materials, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me today to set up a free consultation, and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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