What is inbound marketing?

To understand inbound marketing, you first have to look at marketing and advertising of the past. Traditionally these methods have interrupted us, whether we’re watching TV, reading a magazine, or even eating dinner with our families. It worked because people didn’t have choices. If you wanted to see the end of Seinfeld, you had to sit through the Allstate ad.

Today, we have the ability to fast forward. We have caller ID. We don’t have the time or patience to be bored with old-fashioned marketing efforts, and even better, we don’t have to. As the Chief Creative Officer for the world’s fourth largest ad agency said:


Content Is King

It’s so overplayed, but it’s so true. According to the Pew Research Center, 79 percent of adult Americans use the Internet, and 78 percent of Internet users conduct research on products they’re interested in purchasing. If both the U.S. Census Bureau and my math are correct, that means more than 190 million Americans are conducting research before making purchases at least once a year.

This means if you’re one of the companies producing the content that is being researched, the content people are relying on to make important purchasing decisions, you have a great advantage over the companies that aren’t. And in a world where more and more people are looking to influence buyers with relevant content, shouldn’t you be, too?

Inbound Marketing by the Numbers

Web traffic increase if you have a blog 55%
Percentage of businesses that have acquired customers through a blog 57%
Top response rate averages for permission-based inbound marketing 50%
Top response rate averages for interruption-based outbound marketing 5%
Savings when gaining leads through inbound marketing vs. traditional outbound methods 67%

* Statistics courtesy of HubSpot

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