Can you measure the effectiveness of your marketing collateral?

Absolutely. And you should. Any marketing effort you launch should be attached to a measurable return on your investment. Otherwise, it will just sit on a metal shelf in your supply closet collecting dust. If you’re willing to invest the time and money into creating a brand new corporate brochure or a compelling white paper on why your product or service will work, you should also have a concrete plan for who you expect to read it and how you’re going to move them through the buyer’s journey.

Why good content strategy is like seeing an eye doctor.

Looking at content is a lot like an optometrist performing an eye exam. It’s important to find the focal point, line up the appropriate lenses, and then twist them until the objective is clear. When we’re talking about marketing, there are three important sets of lenses:

1) Focus on the right buyer persona. Identify the background, goals, and challenges of the audience you are trying to reach, and adjust your copy accordingly.

2) Pinpoint your audience’s location on the buyer’s journey. Determine if they are aware of a problem, if they’re considering a solution, or if they’re ready to decide on that solution.

3) Refine your writing. Once you’ve determined whom and where they’re at, sharpen your writing so it engages your audience and calls it to action.

Having an effective content strategy is important,
but it should also be measurable as part of an overall inbound marketing strategy.

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