P1000790What makes good copy?

In my view, good writing is the ability to take a given topic, figure out how it fits within an overall narrative, and then feed that narrative to a particular target audience using sentences that are appetizing and digestible. Good writing should make readers hungry to act.

In business, this means identifying and defining your buyer personas, figuring out where they’re at on the buyer’s journey, developing a plan to move them through that journey, and then executing the plan. In business, the narrative needs to achieve goals and objectives.


Why I provide it.

You can count on my methods being sharp-minded and no-nonsense, whether it’s taglines and slogans, websites and landing pages, direct mail and email campaigns, advertisements, brochures, case studies, or white papers. I’m invested in the entire process, which translates to a consistent approach with proven techniques for reaching target audiences and calling them to action.

You can benefit from my diverse background. At any time, I can draw from my training with award-winning creative directors during my time in Manhattan, acclaimed authors that mentored me in college, and just about any written discipline in between. With experience that includes top ad agencies, international news organizations, and client-side marcom departments in a wide range of industries, I can put this knowledge to work for you.

You can get more than just good copy. Because I’ve directed entire marketing departments and am a certified inbound marketing specialist with HubSpot, not only can I provide effective content, but I can also give direction on how it should be used. On its own, a solid marketing piece achieves minimal objectives, but when it’s configured as part of a larger system, it can achieve the goals you expect.

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